Rob Court

Facilities Director

Working in the Construction HS and Facilities industries for 25 years Rob has used his skills and expertise to successfully project plan project manage and implementation in all manner of varying projects.
From successful construction projects including supermarket construction to running facilities for multi national companies Rob has constantly delivered turn key project completion on time and on budget using the skills and expertise collected over his career to surmount successfully any issues that arise during complex projects.
A dynamic and forward thinking manager with the ability to see solutions in any situation Rob consistently delivers projects with client satisfaction.

Facilities Management

EDG Group provide Total Facilities Management: consultancy, project management, plus a range of other specialist activities allowing your business to reach its goals. At EDG Group we can provide services ranging from complete delivery of projects and Total Facilities solutions that are key to allowing your manufacturing to take full focus, as EDG Group will support all your supporting systems and machines to allow your production to meet all performance criteria. This can be linked to full maintenance programmes, to reactive measure and engineering solution to remove risk and potential failures inbuilt into transparent Service Level Agreements

Please make contact to arrange a free review and open discussion on how we can support your future planning and existing activities.

Total Facilities Management

Total facilities management unifies the delivery of all our specialist facility management services and enables us to provide all the benefits of outsourcing - such as efficiency savings and improved performance - whilst ensuring you the same degree of control, commitment and accountability you’d have if you delivered it all in-house.

• M&E Engineering services
• Environmental and Sustainability targets and improvements
• Risk Management
• Property Management and projects
• Fire and CCTV systems and support
• Access/Egress systems
• Water Management Services
• H&S Services and advice


Determining what needs to be done to remain compliant, managing your risk profile, identifying activities that will add value to your business and delivering services in the most cost-effective way, underpins effective compliance management.
EDG Group provide professional and technically competent compliance activities, certification, and consultancy services. Working with you, EDG Group will make the maintenance of your compliance systems and assets simple.

• Fire & security services
• Water & air quality services
• Doors & access services
• Electrical testing LV/HV
• Property audit services

Fire & Risk Management

We understand the importance of fire and security systems and how they impact your business and operations. We offer maintenance, installation and project management and delivery and individual services covered below:

• Fire detection and alarm systems
• Gaseous suppression/extinguishing systems
• Emergency lighting
• Public address and voice alarm systems
• Portable extinguishers
• Sprinklers
• Water mist systems
• Dry/wet risers
• Fire hoses
• Hydrants

Reduce Energy Consumption & Costs

We are here to support all energy reviews and highlight savings from procurement to engineering solution and
procurement of utility bills. All to reduce your energy consumption and improve your bottom line.

Smart Buyer Portal

EDG can walk you through a 3 year forward forecast of energy costs within an existing market place and
highlight associated costs. In addition access to a market pricing hub for possibilities of group purchase and
combined basket buying options for collective partnership of unit cost reduction.

Sustainability Advisor

EDG expertise is available to evaluate and solve the sustainable energy challenges in a clear and
understandable format. We are dedicated to helping our customers to contribute to a greener and more
sustainable future.

Compliance Advisor

EDG is able to navigate your energy legislation, as is an increasing issue for UK manufacturers and it is vital that
you comply with legislation where required and maintain the appropriate documentation. This allows you to
not only be cost aware but be compliant to legislation at all times. Accredited CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants,
we can deliver support across a wide range of compliance requirements such as CCA’s, CRC, EUETS, ESOS,
TM44, DEC’s, ISO50001 etc.