Coronavirus Protection

EDGGroup can confirm that the long-term Nano wipe-on glass coating surface protection product used has now been tested for efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

This update via a new report adds to existing tests against TGEV Coronavirus certification for the product used by EDGGroup Ltd. This serves as further evidence of efficacy against enveloped viruses. It is also the intention to continue testing on SARS-CoV-2 in 2021 and beyond to give full confidence of product and process application by the EDGGroup team.

As we know the vaccines are out, yet likely that pandemic restrictions will be part of our lives in 2021 and the proven antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 are key to keeping staff, stakeholder and the population safe. However, any new norm will need to embrace a level of learning from 2020 and this pandemic, of which surface protection is a vital role in the fight against the transmission of transient microbes, especially in high touch areas that are hard to clean between “touches”.

Our Nano product also protects against the transmission of other viral and bacterial pathogens that come into contact with surfaces, thus reducing the spread of coughs and colds.

Long-term Kill

Our Nano product has official certification of long-term KILL against Coronavirus combined with an initial deep cleanse & monthly swab tests for compliance certification.


The revolutionary and scientifically proven virus-killing Nano liquid glass layer of silicon protects surfaces for 3 months against the TGEV Coronavirus unlike surface disinfectants which only protect for 10 minutes after application.

Smart Management

Our team of specialists help you manage your Coronavirus protection all the way. Get 'top level' qualified, scientific (via swaps) monthly reports on your protection levels.

Kevin Lane From Active Nation says…

Cleaning takes time, and relies on human behaviour for consistency. Active Nation have some venues where the resource model makes the levels of continuous cleaning and disinfection virtually impossible to minimise the risk of Coronavirus transmission from surface contact.

The solution is a Nano technological process as provided by EDG; effectively a spray which coats all surfaces within a venue. Whilst the science is complicated the outcome is simple – Coronavirus (and other bacteria) is killed on contact.And, unlike other approaches, the one-off treatment is good for 3 months…and to check it, EDG do monthly swab tests and produce clear narrative reports. As mentioned, cleaning takes time and time is money, so actually over the six month period the cost of the Nano protection balances out and the results are guaranteed. We’ve used it in our health and fitness clubs (gym, changing rooms, toilets, studios etc), leisure centre changing areas, trampoline parks and will extend into soft play and indoor climbing walls. This then covers both frequent touch points as well as ‘nooks and crannies’ that might get missed by even the best cleaners.

Ultimately the test is always ‘Would you repeat the process?’ The answer is ‘Yes, absolutely’.

Kevin Lane

Wellbeing Director, Active Nation

Daniel Jillings from Once Upon a Smile says…

Since the original lockdown was announced on the 23rd March 2020, it has been an extremely difficult time for charities, especially smaller charities, such as ours.

The welfare of our staff, children we support and those that support us, was paramount in the many difficult decisions we took.

As a self-funded charity, we rely heavily on the fundraising events that we as a charity, our supporters and corporate supporters plan and run throughout the year. The slow realisation that our fundraising year is now non-existent is a difficult and worrying time.

We worked extremely hard to ensure we could provide face to face support to our children at Sidley house and a lot of time and effort ensuring we are a COVID secure site, with safety at the forefront of our minds.

EDG has provided greater confidence for us by being protected by Nano Solution and this will allow us to continue our support knowing we have done all we can to protect those we support.

Daniel Jillings

Once Upon a Smile

James Viles from Wincanton says…

As we continue to support our customers and communities through these challenging times of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It has been a focus for our expert Logistics company to ensure our staff and customers remain safe through these unprecedented times.

Our customer located in St Helens engaged with EDG Group to support in the preventive measures of the Coronavirus, protecting high touch areas with a long-term kill. EDG Group has provided us the confidence within the workplace by demonstrating their product and application process including monthly reports via swab testing. EDG Group have delivered a professional, transparent and protective service as we continue through these times.

James Viles

Transport Section Manager, Wincanton, Co-Op CDC

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