Frequently Asked Questions

Nano solution latest update:

It is worth noting that UK Government advice on surface treatments against COVID-19 dated on the 6th October 2020, as a release to Public Health England now includes a recommendation that substances that can demonstrate effectiveness against “enveloped” viruses should be used and TGEV Coronavirus is an enveloped virus, used as a model virus against the Coronavirus family and SARS-CoV. As such, Nano has official certification of that effectiveness from the TGEV Coronavirus certification, test date 12 March 2020. Due to our Nano solution being indecently tested to kill TGEV Coronavirus which has the model structure of SARS-CoV we are certain that it is SARS CoV-2 effective which causes the disease of COVID-19.


Nano by approved and professional application is scientifically proven to stop enveloped viruses including TGEV Coronavirus, used as a model virus against SARS-CoV. Nano has proved to be highly successful in reducing the risk of transmission of the TGEV Coronavirus in many medical facilities, work places, travel (trains, planes, vehicles) and home environments. The Nano technology being employed delivers a liquid glass layer of silicon (Si02) approximately 130 nm thick. The coating is fused to the surface and in essence becomes part of the substrate. The positively charged atom of nitrogen attracts negatively charged cell membranes and punctures all microbes resulting in a physical kill of ALL enveloped viruses, protecting against COVID-19.

No, this is permanent creating a non-migrating antimicrobial glass layer with terrific benefits.
Nano protection is suitable for all water-resistant surfaces, plus NO cleaning  product will remove application from the surface.

No, it is an invisible seal to destroy microbes.

The word ‘Nano’ comes from the Greek word meaning “dwarf” or small and it is used in the scientific sense. When we talk about Nano, we’re referring to coatings which have dimensions that are measured in billionths of a metre.  The Nano coating we apply to your desk tops, devices, door handles and other surfaces is approximately 500 times thinner than a human hair. Nano is a revolutionary and the glass is in a molecular form and is held in a liquid. An important note, the liquid doesn’t become glass until it’s allowed to dry.   

No, very different. The use of disinfectants and detergents is a start, but to be clear, they are NOT certified to kill the TGEV Coronavirus, the model virus SARS-CoV. Once the surface has been wiped with disinfectant, the disinfectant stops working within 10 minutes and any microbes subsequently landing on the surface can be harmful. Dry dirt does not stick to the treated surface. Liquids such as coffee, or alcohol are unable to penetrate the coating on fabrics, found on office chairs or sofas in hospitably areas. Solvents and cleaners are, generally not needed after the coating has dried on a surface. Find out more

The monitoring is ‘rapid testing’ to assess the cleanliness of surfaces. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is present in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells and will allow virus and bacteria to exist if high levels result. Find out more

119 PASS

120 – 189 CAUTION

190 FAIL - which means a re-application of Nano solution is required immediately

The enveloped virus TGEV Coronavirus, SARS CoV, N1H1 Flu, MRSA, E-coli as examples, every virus and bacteria tested gives a lab result of consistent long-term ALL KILL.

Businesses that already benefiting from EDG controlling COVID-19 are:

• Co-op

• Heineken pubs, Hospitality UK

• Soda-Stream Global Trading offices Luton

• Financial Times, London offices and print centre

• Guardian News and Media Manchester /London

• Active Nation Leisure Centres (22 Centres)

• UK Active Fitness Governing Body

• Derbyshire Council Offices and Vehicles

• Fleet Management Financial Times

• NHS vehicles and offices London

• Once Upon a Smile Manchester Charity

Nothing really the product works in the back-ground, just generally keep area clean is a good practise at all times. Saving on extra cleaning costs, such as disinfecting gym equipment, trampolines, climbing walls, chairs, hand rails etc. between customers will reduce your interval times and cleaning costs. Let EDG do the monthly swab results and we’ll keep you and your management team informed via monthly reports and data.  For more information

This is generally observed by the swab testing and monthly reports, but the plan is to complete every 2-3 months for total confidence of your safety and wellbeing.

No, it’s very safe and it is not a hazardous or aggressive solution, more so a chemistry solution than a chemical solution of ALL KILL.

Cleaning surfaces with antibacterial sprays, although immediately effective will need to be reapplied frequently and will not provide a glass coating and long-term active kill of the TGEV Coronavirus, as well as bacteria and other viruses. Most antibacterial sprays give protection for 10 minutes compared to Nano technology which actively kills for 3 months and in some cases longer, depending upon how often a surface is touched. Using antibacterial sprays frequently utilises manpower and products and therefore increasing cleaning costs, for example; frequently cleaning in-between customer interval usage times of leisure facilities or people visiting your premises. Nano is a new and certified technology which kills long-term enveloped viruses, minimising cleaning resource requirements. For more information