Case Studies - Facilities Management

We use EDG ‘s Facilities Management services for our properties for both statutory compliance issues preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance repairs. It is reassuring to know that all of our statutory responsibilities are covered by a competent and comprehensive service. The team at EDG Group offer us a seamless service across all FM disciplines and are always ready and willing to go the extra mile and take all of our problems and issues away.

Ian Carter Workplace Manager
Guardian News and Media

Utilities review is generally a missing task and based on technological changes and or generally production, operational changes leading to supply contacts being outdated and not fit for purpose.

Post a review of the electricity supply contract and base load monitoring of this SME, a saving was quickly realised of 24% on max demand and a further 12% saving on an improved supply contract.

Utilities review for a London Manufacturing Centre

From the original scope of review on utilities a proposal was issued to this business that included a change of strategy on electricity purchasing. An application for the Climate Change Levy under DEFRA gained a substantial cost avoidance over the 5-year term, plus an opportunity on base load reduction, all combining a saving of £150,000 per annum.

M&E of a Manchester Media SME

Due to this SME moving into new premises a complete package from Sub metering of the utilities and data / phones / server room install was required. From this it was instigated on the media company’s behalf and applied for funding through the Manchester Chamber of commerce to support the install, this was accepted and allowed the capital investment to be spread over 5 years. It was then project planned from conception to go live, of 6 new DDI lines with 24 internal IP phone connections intergrade with a new server room and pipeline virgin internet connection. This process simplified the project for the client as being a turn key solution of all M&E contracts and installations.

M&E Building Management Strategy Manufacturing units

The client in this case was looking to improve the overall building management and staff awareness of energy management, a review of the utilities and systems that are a requirement but not the core business activity.

The main objective was to reduce the fixed costs associated and improve staff awareness.

  • Availability charges on Electricity and gas
  • Pence per KW contract and pass through charges
  • Water rebait requested due to manufacturing operation using water within process.
  • Day / Night cost per unit review
  • Staff training and energy awareness schemes and BMS controls
  • ISO15001
  • BMS system improvement and efficiencies of operation resulting in a ‘SMART’ system.

The outcomes where very positive from an engagement of staff and the understanding of utilities, which not only reduced the costs from contracultural by 14%, but staff awareness’ over the coming 2 years of which support was given reduced the baseload and energy use dramatically, from engineering solutions to procedural practice. This resulted in the Carbon trust award for energy reduction over this period.

Many of the reviews into businesses find outdated contracts and agreements and control systems, that are not based on the business activity or requirements to date. These are generally hidden costs, due to being seen as an indirect cost and not part of the profit-making mechanism, so can be missed as an opportunity. The key is to start with a future proof agreement and arrangement and service monitor as the business environment changes overtime. This has become more relevant and from a consultant’s perspective, can be observed generally remotely on an agreed frequency basis so contracts and control mirror the business change over time. Phil Aitken 12 December 2019