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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many are becoming more aware of their own personal health and being more careful when moving and operating within public spaces in order to not catch germs. Despite this, there’s still large number of people unaware that you can catch Coronavirus on everyday objects we frequently use.

Here, EDG Group share five everyday products and objects where you are most likely to catch corona:

1) Phone screens – It’s our most-used object that we require for pretty much anything, so it’s no surprise it can be a haven for Coronavirus. The glass that’s used for phone screens can harbour the virus for up to five days, so make sure you’re frequently cleaning it with an antibacterial wipe.

2) Ceramics – They may not be objects we consistently use, but ceramics are all around us and are part of our decorations we love to touch and lean on even when we don’t realise it – including pottery items and mugs. Ceramics can hold virus bacteria for days, so if you own them be sure to clean them – if you don’t, be sure to not go touching everything like it’s an interactive art gallery.

3) Door handles – The metal on door handles can hold bacteria for five days and with the sheer amount of people that touch them, they’re a hotbed of germs and possibly the virus. It may be as simple as carrying a tissue for when you pass through a door and cleaning them regularly in your own workplace.

4) Railings and keys – Like door handles, metal can harbour the virus for up to five days, meaning objects like railings and our very own keys can betray us. Keeping conscious that you don’t need to hold every railing you pass by and wiping down your keys after use should keep you safe.

5) Cash – Card payments are becoming more and more normalised, especially during the pandemic. Despite this, many are still using cash payments and are getting change in return – potentially carrying out the virus in their pocket. Ensure you’re using cash as little as you can during these times, relying on card payments (keeping those clean too).


2020 has seen massive challenges for industry across the board, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and renewed lockdown making it difficult to operate.

EDG Group, who have worked with various businesses and industries to manage logistics and facilities for over 22 years, are offering Nano glass coating that offers a long-term kill of the CoV-2 strain and subsequent MRSA, SARS and N1H1 Influenza virus.