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With the ongoing lockdown, many businesses are facing empty offices and embracing work from home culture, though there are a large number still operating as normal. During a second spike, it’s imperative that businesses take all measures to avoid widespread infection. With all of the
restrictions in place, however, there’s still places where businesses are slipping up. Here, EDG Group share five coronavirus mistakes businesses continue to make:

1) Assuming social distancing can be easily maintained – It’s easy to keep telling people to maintain distance from each other but it’s much harder to actually enforce it. People will naturally behave as they always have in the workspace, so create environments based around one-way systems and barriers to ensure people are clear on social distancing.

2) Not having a strict temperature policy – Many who are infected with COVID-19 will not show symptoms but will easily pass it on to others within the workplace. To stay on top of this, make sure the business is conducting daily temperature checks, ensuring that all data is kept digitally, and the equipment used is of a good medical standard – not just some cheap thermometer.

3) Only thinking short term – Coronavirus is not going to go anywhere anytime soon, so don’t think it’s all about ‘getting through the month’. Make sure you have long term plans in place and your practices can be maintained for weeks and months to come, with resources and time dedicated to training staff to think in the same way.

4) Not establishing mask rules – Masks are the most basic form of avoidance when it comes to the virus, so making sure people are wearing them (properly) when moving between spaces and in communal areas is key to avoiding an internal outbreak. On top of this, it’s important to inform everyone to wash their reusable face coverings daily and responsibly dispose of used masks, as well as only wear a mask for 4 or 5 hours at the most!

5) Letting visitors roam the workspace – Your work bubble is a sensitive thing and any third-party visitor that intrudes on it comes with a major risk of infecting the circle. Maintain strict procedure when allowing visitors – be they partners or delivery people – into the building or spaces and make sure they’re following the same rules everyone else is.


2020 has seen massive challenges for industry across the board, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and renewed lockdown making it difficult to operate.

EDG Group, who have worked with various businesses and industries to manage logistics and facilities for over 22 years, are offering Nano glass coating that offers a long-term kill of the CoV-2 strain and subsequent MRSA, SARS and N1H1 Influenza virus.