From managers and technicians, to customer service, sales and security professionals. EDG Group will train all industry professionals and provide them with the essential skills, capabilities and knowledge required to perform at optimum potential within their role.

We are dedicated to providing you with a bespoke training service and aligning learning outcomes with your key business objectives to deliver agreed results.

Customer Service


We are proud to have worked with a number of customers to develop in-house customer service skills. We have trained thousands of customer service professionals, as well as having delivered service focused culture change. In addition, we have trained staff to be customer service peer trainers within their organisation.



At EDG Group, our sales experts create sales training programmes to grow leads, increase conversions and boost your sales by giving your staff the skills and tools they need. This includes improving sales processes, sales leadership and lead growth strategies that you can immediately use to grow your sales.

Management Training


EDG Group’s management and leadership development is designed for both first-time managers as well as capable managers, including team leaders, supervisors and executives. Our management programmes are taught by highly experienced leaders who understand the daily challenges managers face.