Accreditation is necessary to prove to you that we have met approved standards. It provides recognition that we do what we say we do in order to maintain those standards.

Accreditation standards are the foundation upon which established professions have built their reputation and garnered the esteem of clients and the public. Becoming an accredited business involves successfully passing a certification audit by an external registrar.

EDG Group can then meet customer requirements. This means new markets are now open in which you were previously unable to do business prior to achieving accreditation. The accreditation can also lead to international recognition.

Accreditation means:

  • A conformance to requirements
  • Better management and control of your business processes
  • Your company is set apart as a leader in its field

Participation in voluntary accreditation shows that EDG Group, in particular, has a genuine interest in continuous self-evaluation and self-improvement. Accreditation demonstrates to colleagues and, in turn, customers your commitment to your company’s success and your ability to perform to set standards.

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