Our Clients

We are proud to be partners with Global and National brands across multiple industries. We specialise in Facilities Management, Logistics and Contracted services. Our position allows us to create synergies between production and distribution services, which in turn allows savings to be passed on to our customers.

Case Studies

For more information about the clients we work with and how our services can help your business, please view our case studies below.

St. Clements Press


Skilled staff required to operate machinery in the publishing industry to produce national newspapers.


Inefficient staff management systems, unclear pricing structures.


Already had links within another part of business. Chose to use them as they had proven track record with our company of efficiency and meeting needs in a fluid environment.


Improved line management performance.

Improved reporting & communication.

Flexibility in all areas in order to meet client needs.

Actively engages in health & safety & environmental programmes with as the host company.


Company plans to continue trading and EDG will remain an integral part of the team providing & managing operational staff.

Dean Baker,

General manager.

Den Marketing


Collection of pallets on a daily basis that need to be delivered to our customers across the UK and Ireland within the required time scale.


Pricing increasing from other companies

Couriers unable to provide a trailer

Unsatisfactory levels of service and communication that resulted in missed deliveries and customer complaints.


Introduced by a contact in the business (Mike).

Pricing was competitive.

Jamie Cracknell provided us with the confident that EDG could offer the level of service we required for our company.


Jamie the operation manager deals with issues quickly and fairly. He is available for us to contact directly which is one of the reasons we chose the company.

Damage claims are processed faster than any other company we have been with.

If we have any concerns Jamie is happy to have a meeting with us and work with us to come to the best solution that works for both parties.


To continue to provide customers with our products with EDG as the courier of these pallets.

As long as the service, price and communication are right EDG will continue to be a part of our future.

Cherice Bush,

Office Manager

P Barns


Movianto required a new depot to be opened to serve the South East with medical supplies, both ambient and chilled. In many cases these are life-dependent medicines so a reliable and swift service is crucial.


It was a question of finding a suitable premises with good transport links, as well as using a company to outsource the whole operation to in order for us to concentrate on our core business.


EDG Group held contracts in previous industries I had worked in. They always provided an excellent service and it was an easy decision to use them again.


EDG have worked tirelessly to assist us in our operations across the south east. They are able to adapt to last minute changes with ease and the operation has grown 3 fold since it began in 2011


From the success at the Basildon depot EDG have already expanded in to other Movianto operations around the UK, providing excellent support which has enabled us to concentrate on expansion and increasing productivity. Future decisions will certainly include EDG Group as a trusted service provider.

Peter Barns,

Operations Director,

Movianto UK