EDG Group

EDG Group is a specialist in distribution and managed services. Outsourcing your logistics, facilities management, contracted services, and health & safety operations will benefit your business by reducing and controlling your costs, and increasing your profits.

Find out all you need to know about EDG Group and how our business operates. Here you can discover information about our management team, various UK working locations and our global and national customers. You can also find information about current career opportunities.

Our Team

EDG Group has grown every year since its inception and now employs over 300 people nationwide. We are committed to ensuring each team member receives outstanding ongoing training, support and development opportunities. This means our customers will continually receive the best possible level of service.

Our Locations

Our recent expansion and commitment to business development has seen EDG Group grow from a company which operated solely in and around the environs of London, to one which now offers nationwide services and various UK working locations.

Case Studies

For more information about the clients we work with and how our services can help your business, please view our case studies below.


Career Opportunities

As a result of our sustainable growth we are always looking to expand and recruit, and are keen to welcome like-minded and ambitious individuals to the EDG Group team. We provide a wide range of roles and career opportunities throughout our nationwide operation. Please contact us to find out more.

Our philosophy is
one based on forming
effective partnerships
with our customers

Darren Edghill,